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Gytheio or Gythio
In cove west of the Laconian Gulf, just 43 km south of Sparta lies Gytheio a mainland state with insularity, the seat of the municipality.Traditional village with two storey and three-storey neoclassical buildings and many restaurants, amphitheater at the foot of the mountain coumaric (Larissa at archiaotita) is the center of an organized tourist region that combines alternative forms of tourism with
KalamataKalamata is the capital and main port of Messinia, with some 50000 inhabitants. It is 255 km from Athens and is the western Mani (eastern is Gythio). It is one of the most modern cities of Greece, with a good layout architecture, wide streets, squares and parks, and each year made many notable cultural events. It is built in the shadow of Mount Taygetos, hugging the Messinian Gulf. The beaches
Agios Nikolaos
There is a small picturesque sandy beach at the outfall of Pamisos river or the river of Milia where ancient Pefnos used to be opposite the small Pefnos island, birthplace of Dioskuri. A particular village with its port being the centre of all action. It is also called Selinitsa  after the little Selini or little Helen according to the locals’ saying “Selinitsa, you sound the moon shivers as Paris
Areopolis is the seat of the Municipality of Itilo. Is a village in western Mani of Lakonia Peloponnese. It is historic settlement, which maintained the independence of the Turkish domination. Judged preserved until now holding the traditional color of Mani. Older Areopolis community Oitylou province of Laconia included the villages and settlements Dryalos, Kouskouni, Krialianika, Lagokoili and ports.
Bathia was mainly built during the 18th and 19th century, and it met its greatest prosperity in the 19th century. During the long immigration of the inhabitants of the province to major urban centers, it reached, by 1980, to be almost completely deserted.One of the most characteristic villages of Mani is that of Vathia, which is causing a pleasant surprise with its unique beauty, charm and its imposingness.
Verga KalamataAt the entrance of dual or Messinian Mani or located outside the historical village named Rod.It is the western gate of Mani just 6 km southeast of Kalamata. The Rod renamed so the community Selitsa and settlements Selitsa Upper and Lower Selitsa also renamed Upper and Lower Rod Rod respectively in 1956.With the creation of communities was community settlements Holy Zion, Salty, Upper
Gerolimenas is a district and it belongs to the Municipality of Itilos. The impressive settlement of Gerolimenas in Mani is built by the sea on the east side of Grosso Cape and is one of the most traditional and authentic villages of Mani of Lakonia with its stone houses to reach the sea. Is considered to be at the place of ancient Ippola and owes its name to the fact that in ancient times was considered
Drimos or Drialos has 156 residents and is a municipal district with the settlement clay. Drimos overlooking the Gulf of Laconia, with Pyrgoteichismata that surround wild vegetation and prickly
Kardamili has become the most sophisticated resort of Messinia .The Kardhamíli with their tiled roofs and stone houses, located in the foot of Mount Taygetos, opposite the green island Merope or Amygdalonisos . The charming old town with its restored towers, the stone villages Taygetos, the pebbled coves with olives and cypresses, attract nature lovers and artists from Greece and abroad, who have
The Kokkala has 446 inhabitants. It is the village of East Mani, located 52 km. south of Gytheio and 17 km. from Kotrona. Also located 79 km south of Sparta. Nearby is the fennel, a small coastal village. It is built over a small cove with white pebbles. The Kokkala has beautiful beaches, modern houses and holiday traffic
Its history began in 68 A.D Built on a glen  this village is characterized by its genuine outer Mani architecture. The old church of Giatrissa is one of the attractions of the area as it used to be the greatest Monastery of the Lakonian peninsula. Here lived 300 monks along with the Abbot who joioned Filiki Eteria and supported the national revolution after Kolokotronis’ invitation. Nikon Metanoete
Mantinea is hilly village arrondissement West Mani, Messinia Prefecture. Located at an altitude of 200 m. and in the 2001 census its population reached 180 inhabitants. The economy of the settlement based on olive production and tourism. Some of the attractions are:     Gorge Koskaraka / Santavas.     Katafygi: inaccessible cave with post-Byzantine fortification wall, which was a refuge in

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    Prosiliaki Mani

    Going up the newly paved road that passes over the Achilles will reach another historic village of Laya, who once had more than 1,000 residents. Unfortunately, few remain today.

    Laya has prided because he had the best craftsmen of stone and it is the birthplace of Alice Vouyiouklaki. The towers are particularly well as tall greater inclination get inwardly, giving the truncated pyramid image. A few kilometers further north, the peaks of some hills, develops a cluster of beautiful villages, the Pyrgari, Media Dimaristika, Pera Dimaristika the Kozounas and Spira, who all have visual contact with each other, reminding beacons system. A road goes down the right, leading to the seaside Saint Cyprien, where through a dirt second road , we can arrive in Ormos Vine, which has green waters and white pebbles, which the locals call "lalloudes".

    Instead of the way to St. Cyprian, another goes left over, leading to the Prophet Elijah, the ancient red marble quarries, in which is said to built six of the red columns of Agia Sophia in Constantinople. Even further north on the main street of Mani and after passing the coastal Kokkala will get to Nyfi with the beautiful towers. From the settlement Bigla on the edge of the trail begins, initially reaches the abandoned Monastery Kournou in a location with a rare Mani privilege to have two sources of pure water. Continuing the path after the Monastery Kournou,you will find the site of the ancient Aigilas that Mani called "Column" because of the scattered ancient columns that are there. Under Nyfi lies the beautiful bay of Alypius where likeable and restless lady Potitsa Glezakos will do our utmost to serve us in the beautiful tavern.